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(512) BLACK IPA 2012 – REVISED AND AMAZING – DON’T MISS IT by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
February 22, 2012, 10:26 am
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One of the difficult things about commercial brewing on a large scale is the inability to brew the same beer multiple times. The seasonal schedule moves on and although smaller test batches can give some indication of what to expect, there’ nothing like brewing using the more efficient, more controllable commercial brewing equipment we have.

When we first brewed (512) Black IPA, it was great, but with only one real shot using the big equipment, we learned some things and ever since, we’ve been excited to go at it again. This year, with the benefit of that one batch and with Nate (our head brewer) given the flexibility to tweak the recipe as he sees fit, he came up with a seriously amazing revision to this beer. Below is the modified description. Do not miss this beer and ask for it if you’re out and can’t find it. We have a little left but it won’t last too long…

Dark and aggressive, (512) Black IPA is brewed using organic 2-row and Crystal malts and the brand new, cutting edge Blackprinz® malt. A dehusked version of the roasted black malts typically used in darker beers, Blackprinz® gives this beer its deep color with notes of rich coffee and chicory without any tannic bitterness. The hop additions are many and generous, showcasing Apollo, Horizon, and Simcoe, and clocking the beer in at 70 IBU. Bucketfulls of Chinook hops are added directly to the tank after fermentation, yielding a resiny, spicy, utterly tantalizing aroma. A hybrid style for dark beer fans who love hops.