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New From (512): Nitro-Beer! by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
January 27, 2012, 12:55 am
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We’ve come to expect great things from our Head Brewer, Nate. When you’ve produced as many successful ideas as he has, the bar is always creeping ever higher. This time, however, he’s really whipped up something special.

As a (512) first, (and as a first for a production brewery in the State of Texas, by our count) we are beginning to release a limited amount of “nitrogenated” beer. That is, we’re putting a few of our regular and seasonal beers through a process that allows them to be served on a Guinness-style nitro-tap.

For those unfamiliar with this style of beer presentation, the nitrogenation process involves taking a “flat” (very little carbonation), fully-fermented, bright beer and dissolving nitrogen into it rather than the normal carbon dioxide. The process was designed to replicate the head and mouthfeel of traditional cask beers while being served on draft.  Co2 is one of the biggest byproducts of fermentation, and a moderate amount of it is already dissolved in any fermented beer. As a result, we normally just have to “top up” this level of Co2 to reach the desired level of fizz that is so pleasing on the palate. However, in the nitrogenation process we forego the use of external Co2 entirely and “top up” with Nitrogen. N2 behaves very differently once brought into solution within a beer than does Co2, creating a beautiful cascading head when roused out of suspension at the tap. The result, in terms of flavor and visual appeal, is a very unique and thrilling experience.

The two beers that we are in the process of releasing on nitro-tap are the ever-popular Pecan Porter, and our winter seasonal, Cascabel Cream Stout. For those of you that don’t remember, the CCS is a traditionally produced English-style Cream Stout with the added twist of Cascabel peppers. More on this beer click here. The mouthfeel of these beers can only be described as rich and creamy, with a thick, persistent head that resembles chocolate mousse. The beers feel much less “prickly,” and smooth on the palate. When ordering one of these beers be sure to watch your bartender pour the beer; the beautiful cascading action of the nitrogen head is hard to envision unless seen in person.


As we mentioned, our nitro beers are being produced in limited quantities, but we plan to continue producing them whenever time and schedule permits.

As always, thanks for drinking (512),

The (512) Team


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