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(512) Capacity Grows by 40% Overnight! by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
October 27, 2010, 11:49 pm
Filed under: Brewery Floor

We’re the proud new owners of yet two more 60BBL fermentation tanks at (512) Brewing! More beer to come!! This expansion represents a 40% increase in production capacity and brings our total annual production volume to well over 4000BBL per year!  In addition to allowing us the ability to keep up with continued demand for (512) beers, these tanks will likely enable Nate to brew some of the many new creations we have in the works.

Where could these tanks fit in our current space, you may be asking? Well, we took this opportunity to relocate the chiller to outside, which was very similar to a heart transplant for the brewery. The chiller supplies cold antifreeze solution (glycol/water) to the fermentation tanks and cold water tank on demand and in order to not interrupt a very tight production schedule, taking the chiller off line for as short a time as possible was crucial. Nate’s skills in working under fire constantly made it a pretty painless transition, but this is it, as far as new tanks, for this space. New tanks, scheduled for sometime in the 1st quarter of 2011, will accompany a new chiller and hopefully the adjoining rest of the building.

Thanks for creating a need for us to grow as rapidly as we have!

Always drink fresh local draft!


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