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(512) WIT blessed by the Godfather of the Style by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
September 14, 2008, 10:35 pm
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Pierre Celis and his daughter, Christine, graced the brewery with their presence this past Thursday to witness us brewing the (512) WIT. For anyone who may be new to beer, Pierre re-introduced the world to the Belgian White Beer style in 1966 when he opened the Hoegaarden brewery and later brought this style to Texas when he brewed the infamous beer, Celis White, right here in Austin from 1992-2000.

Pierre was willing to share some secrets and compare notes on the style. I can’t say how honored I was to have him at the brewery to taste the (512) WIT and to just talk beer. He actually claimed the (512) WIT is better than today’s Hoegaarden (no longer under his control). Oh, if I could have only gotten my hands on one of those original white beers he made. We agreed that the secret ingredient was heart and he said he senses mine is in the right place.

Needless to say, the (512) WIT will never be quite the same. Pierre is a legend and his visit and input leaves a lasting impression that will impact every batch moving forward….





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This is very cool. What an honor. I just started homebrewing and plan for my next batch to be a Wit, inspired by my grandparents (my grandfather was a citrus rancher) and a little something I learned about (512) Wit, which I tried at the brewery while passing through Austin. Would love to ask you a question about it.

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