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1st Brew Day Scheduled!!! by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
May 28, 2008, 9:25 am
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First off, thanks to everyone who has joined the email list and thanks for all the great support. If I haven’t responded personally yet to specific questions, I will try to as soon as I can get the first batch of 512 brew in the fermenter!

I have everything needed to brew the first batch, including the first bag of malted barley:


Grain is in the House!

The 1st brew day (barring any of about a hundred possible unforeseen issues) is less than a week away! Remember, once the ale hits the fermenter, it’s about three weeks before its ready. But, once the clock starts (and the first brew is up to my satisfaction) it’s only a matter of time…. With some luck, only a few more weeks and we can schedule the GRAND OPENING PARTY!!!


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I’m trying to get down there with Drew to check it out the brewery and lend a hand if you can use it!

Comment by texasfight

Awesome! Good luck with the first brew.


Comment by aaron.chamberlain

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