(512) Brew News

The Eagle Has Landed! by Kevin - Owner/Brewer
November 30, 2007, 1:25 am
Filed under: Brewery Floor

Yesterday, the (512) brewhouse and cellar tanks arrived in two large cargo containers. What a sight it was to crack that first door…


With the live unload clock ticking, we quickly started unloading the tanks. First the brewhouse tanks – Mash/Lauter tun and the Brew kettle.


Next the grist case, brewhouse platform and the uni-tanks (fermenters).


Once everything was off the trucks, the nail biting continued as we tipped the tanks upright. Check out the video of the mash tun moving into position…



 The brewhouse went up first followed by the fermenters along the wall…


One of the last rigging tricks involved placing the motor, shaft and paddle that will mix the grains during mash-in. Just when I thought the balancing acts were over, we had another heavy piece of equipment nearly 20 feet off the ground…


It was an amazingly satisfying day. While all this was going on, the Electricians were busy pulling the main service wire….


Lots of progress and lots more in the days ahead as the brewery comes alive…..


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